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Bg Granite Marble & Cabinets is involved in a much greater mission than just fabricating counter tops one of our top initiatives is a part of a global program, that offer financial support to ongoing project addressed at environmental conservation and preservation of natural lands.

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  • Fire place surrounds, full wall and floor paneling, vanity tops, summer kitchens, Jacuzzi surrounds
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Add a Great New Look to Your Home with the Help of Melbourne Countertops Service

One of the most effective ways to completely transform the look of your home is to add a new countertop to your kitchen or bath. The material used for countertops is obtainable in several different forms and the cost varies for each type. Many countertop options are available from a professional Melbourne Countertops Service. With the wide range of prices it is easy to stay within your budget and find a countertop.

Remodeling your kitchen and bath is easy with the help of a Melbourne Countertops Service. Of course it may seem like a simple task but installing a countertop is best left to the experts. The look of a kitchen or bath is focused on the countertop so be sure to choose the right one and have it installed in a proper manner. Countertop installation requires exacting measurements. A Melbourne Countertops Service will actually make a template to ensure a good fit.

A strong, level surface will be used for your countertop installation. Metal rods or plywood may need to be added, if the existing surface isn’t level enough. All countertops will have cut outs for faucets and sinks but the material can be cut to fit perfectly if you know exactly where they go. Sink and other fixture openings will need to be cut in the countertop but this is not a job for the amateur do-it-yourself homeowner. It is best to leave that kind of work to the experts at your local Melbourne Countertops Service.

Countertops Service Offers You Choices

A wide selection with lots of options exists in the marketplace when it comes to countertops. Granite countertops are considered top of the line. Granite is very hard and resilient. Placing hot pans or liquid spills on a granite kitchen countertop won't burn it or stain it as it is not easily damaged, and the clean surface works well as a chopping board. Granite makes a sanitary countertop with no danger of bacteria or mold growing on it. Granite countertops cost a little more but make the best choice due to its functionality. The measuring, cutting and installation of granite can be done by the knowledgeable installers from a Melbourne Countertops Service.

There is nothing that surpasses the customized countertop for the homeowner who places a premium on visual appeal. If you do a lot of baking, our products can withstand lots of heat. The visual appeal is unparalleled if you can take care of it. If you love to bake, our countertops make a great work area since they are so durable and attractive.

Budget friendly choices for countertops are available. The countertop will be installed by professional Melbourne Countertops Service to prevent future issues. Long-lasting and stunning countertops are installed by a Melbourne Countertops Service.

A Melbourne Countertops Service: Countertop Care Advice

No matter what type of countertop you have they all require some basic care. A Melbourne Countertops Service will most likely recommend the use of a trivet or pad to protect the countertop from hot pans or baking dishes. Granite and stainless steel surfaces are resistant to heat but you’ll need to use care when setting hot pots and other items on most countertops. Hitting or dropping heavy objects like pots and pans can dent and chip countertops so be very careful not to do that.

According to experts from a Melbourne Countertops Service it’s best to avoid cutting or chopping directly on a countertop. Bacteria may develop in the scratches. It is a bigger job to sanitize any surface that has been scratched. Chopping vegetables is best done on a plastic or wooden chopping board instead of the bare counter itself.

Cleaning of the surfaces should be done on a regular schedule. The cleaning of the countertops is very important and should be done daily. A wipe down with a dry, soft, clean cloth at the end of the day will be ok if the countertop hasn't been used much. Water and a cloth can be used for a more thorough cleaning. Using heavy duty specialty cleaners on a daily basis is not necessary, but once in awhile is ok. Clean up any spills as soon as they happen as it will benefit your countertop. After the installation of your countertops by the professional Melbourne Countertops Service, ask them questions on how to maintain it. The best guidance will come from the experts on the material used in the installation.

To change the look of your kitchen or bath, the easiest way is to install a countertop. Call to your local Melbourne Countertops Service to make some big changes at prices to suit your budget.


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